Friday, December 31, 2010

New Party Favours Pin!

Hey guys another new pin is here to celebrate New Years!
Its at the Ski mountain! Visit to get your latest pins.


New Field Op!

Hey guys,
There is a new field op and here is how to get there!Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,
Go to the Forest,
Then there is a rock which leads you to Hidden lake,
Stand On the Aqua Grabber vechicle and wait till your phone turns green,
Complete the test!
Hope i helped,


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Pin!

Hey guys,
To get the new pin you have to go to the stage! There is a new show on.
Follow these Exact Instructions to get the pin.
1. Click on the Filing Cabinet
2. Then Click the Lamp
3.Then Click the trash Bin
4.Then click the Book
5. Then click the Plant Vase
6.Then click the Picture on the wall to open up the safe.
Hope i helped


The Stage: Ruby And The Ruby

Hi penguins!
Head down to the stage for a new play. It's about a detective trying to find a missing jewel stone. Get some friends and you can act this play out or simply come down and buy the costumes from the costume trunk. Here is what costumes you can buy.
Page 1
Grey Fedora $250, Detective's Coat $650 and Magnifying Glass $150
Page 3
The Movie Star $600, Pearl Necklace $550 and Dazzle Dress $600
Page 4 & 5
Blue Felt Hat $300, Blue Zoot Suit $700, Skinny Blue Tie $150, Black Zoot Shoes $450, Doorman's Cap $150 and Doorman's Jacket $400
And if you click on the door knob above the purple penguin. To get Dark Detective's Coat $650
And there is a hidden background in the Costume Trunk catalogue. If you go to the back page where it say's 'How do i Get Coins?' Drag that box down and the background shows up. Pretty Sneaky!

Thanks everyone and remember to enter our coin competition. See you later!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chrisdog the Liar!

Hey guys,
Today i was looking at the RockHopper tracker and so was everyone else here.
Chrisdog's Rockhopper tracker said he was at Iceberg on server Icebound and we were all there when it changed and then it came up all different places. If finally stopped on one place and we all went there and he still wasnt there. So everyone kept saying 'Down with Chrisdog and heaps of people came and joined in! Aboutiman and i were mainly the leaders but aboutiman started it and it was Awesome!!
It was fun! But we all got let down.


Friday, December 24, 2010

Series 11 Treasure Book

Hi penguins!
There is a new treasure book. All you need is a coin code and you can get some really cool stuff. Here is what is available in the new treasure book:
Page 1
Royal Robe and King's Crown
Page 2 & 3
Water Suit 3000 and Green Hard Hat
and if you click one of the red stripes on the lighthouse you can get a Green Recycle T-Shirt

Page 4 & 5
Squidzoid Costume, Fish Costume and Yeti Costume

Page 6 & 7
Hockey Helmet, Blue Hockey Jersey, Hockey Stick, Hockey Skates, The Sidetied Too, Purple Figure
Skating Dress and Figure Skates

Page 8 & 9
Black Glasses, Pet Shop Apron, The Surf Knot, I Love My Puffle T-Shirt and Orange Sneakers

Page 10 & 11
Pink and Yellow Chullo, Green Mittens, Yellow Designer Scarf, Purple Whirl Snowsuit, Pink Fuzzy Boots, Green Pom Pom Toque, Green and Blue Scarf, Grey Mittens, Blue Winter Jacket and Blue Winter Boots.

If you want a 'Series 11' coin with a code to get some of these thing then tell us why you want the coin, your penguin Name and Email so we can send you the code. See you next time!

New field op

Hey guys,
Another new field op has come and here it is!
Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,

Go to the night club,
Stand behing the Right speaker thing,

complete the test. :D
Hope i helped


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Coin Competition Update!

Hey guys,
When i made this blog i was going to give away a series 10 coin, but i have decided to extend the competition. Instead of a Series 10 coin, The prize is a Club Penguin Series 11 coin. All you have to do is comment why YOU need the coin the most and i will choose the best answer. Also leave your Penguin name, and email so i can send you the code number.
Have fun commenting and remember that this isnt the only time that i will be giving away free stuff. Later in about three weeks i will be making another comp for Free membership for a month!

Bye Penguins,



Hey Penguins,
WOO HOO!!! Our Coins For Change goal is now reached. If we donate more we will probably flood club Penguin with coins.
They wll need to make a bigger goal next time, with 5 days still left of coins fo change anything is possible!
Keep donating! :D


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Club Penguin Iphone

Hey guys,
When you try to open Club Penguin on your Iphone this is what comes up!

It wont let you play it, I think they are saying it will be too squished to play Club Penguin.
I wish you could though. It would be AWESOME!!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Sport Catatlog

Hi penguins!
There is a new sport catalog out now at the Stadium. Here are some cheats.
1. Green Hockey Jersey $450- click on the green penguin.
2. Green Goalie Gear $600- click on the green penguin.

3. White Pom-Poms $125- Click on the letter ICE.


Friday, December 17, 2010

New Stuff On Club Penguin

Hi penguins!
If you have logged on today, you would have noticed that Club Penguin looks different because of Coins For Change and Christmas Time. First of all, you can donate coins to help: build houses, protect the Earth or provide medical help.
 To donate, just click on the coins for change pots around Club Penguin.

So what's new? Ok, lets start in the Town. All the shops are decorated.
 If you go into the Coffee Shop and go upstairs, you can visit Santa's Chair.
If you go upstairs in the Dance Club, you can visit Santa's Workshop and play a sled game where you get a free Santa bag.

 If you go to the Dock, there is a new Pin, which is a snow globe.

If you go to the Beach you can visit Rock Hopper's ship and get some cool stuff.
 If you go to the Ski Village, you can get a free pair of Reindeer Antlers.

 So come on Club Penguin and look at all the decorations and if you want, donate to coins for change. You'll get a stamp if you do.
Well, that's all for now. Thanks!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

New field op

Hey guys,
Another new field op has come and this is where it is:
Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,
Then go to Ski Village and stand behind the Tour Guide sign,

Then complete your challenge,
Hope i helped


Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Furniture Catalog

Hi penguins!
There is a new furniture catalog out now. To access this, you need to be a member. Just go to your igloo, click edit and click on the 'Better Igloos' book. Are there cheats in this catalog? Yes. Here they are.

1. Holiday Lights $30- click on the coins for change sign.

2. Holiday Bells $100- click on the star at the top of the Christmas Tree
3. Leaning Tree $250- click on the candle inside the lantern.
4. Icicle Lights $75- click on the wood in the fireplace.
5. Fireplace $900- click on the word scarf above the middle snowman.
6. Wrought Iron Lamp Post $600- click on the blue bird.
7. Knight Ice Sculpture $900- click on the top of the Chandelier.
8. Ornate Mirror $680- click on the grandfather clock.

That's all for now. See you soon!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another New Fileld op!

Hi everyone,
Another new field op is here:
Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,
Now go to the Plaza,
Go to the ticket booth inside the stage,

Complete the test!
Hope i helped


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

RockHopper is coming back!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
Rockhopper is finally coming back to Club Penguin! Check it out:

Probably because it's Christmas time and all!! Some parts of his boat are green. I think he decorated it for Christmas Time!!


Monday, December 6, 2010

New Card Jitsu Water wallpaper

Hey Guys,
There is a new wallpaper of card jitsu water!! Check it out:

Want it?? Then click HERE to get it! :)
Waddle on!


Pizza Parlor

Hi penguins!
The Pizza Parlor is located at the Plaza next to the Stage. What can you do at the Pizza Parlor? Well, you can pretend to order pizzas or you can pretend to be a waiter/waitress. You can also play the fun game Pizzatron 3000. The idea of this game to try to make the pizza that the customer ordered before the pizza gets to the end. Did you know that you can change the type of pizzas? Before you click start to begin playing, there is switch. If you press it, the pizzas will be candy-themed instead! Well, that's all for now. Stay tuned for my next post about the Night Club.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Clothing Catalog

Hi Penguins!
There is a new clothing catalog out now with Winter and Christmas themed clothes.
Are there hidden items? Yes there are!! Here are the items and how to get them.

1. Blue Fuzzy Hat $250- click on the letter F of the coffee sign in the background.
2. Puffle Pullover $400- click on either of the blue fairy lights.
3. Yellow Toque $200 and Black Whirlpool Snow Suit $600- click on the stair of the snow castle next to the penguin with the yellow Puffle.

4. Candy Cane Wing-Warmers $100- click on the yellow Puffle.
5. Blue Earmuffs $250- click on the top of the first tree (left to right).

6. Blue Striped Scarf $175- click on the top of the second tree (left to right).
7. Blue Mittens $100- click on the top of the third tree.
8. Gingerbread Costume $400- click on top of the tree in the top left hand corner near the green penguin.

9. Snowman costume $400 and snowman head $550- click the mountain peek at the top far right side.
10. Snowboard Boots $275- click on the blue bauble above Santa's hat.

That's all for now. I hope these hints will help you find the hidden items. If not, just comment on this post and I'll help you ASAP. See you soon!