Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Map!

Hey Penguins,
If you haven't noticed there is a new map! You can take a shortcut to games,



 and Pets.

Do you like the new map?

Waddle on!!


New Field Op!

Hey Penguins,
There is a new Field Op and here is how to do it!

Go to the Hq,
Go to the Field Op screen,
Click “Accept Field Op”,
Now go to The mine,
Waddle into the Cave Mine,
Stand in front of the light monitor thing
 like this,

Complete the puzzle and your done!
If your a member you can get Elite Gear!
Hope i helped


Don't Forget to Enter the Coin Competition!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coin Competition!

Hi penguins,
We are having another competition. You have to guess how old our friends penguin is, Toffee Fox!

The person who is closest to her age wins a series 13 coin. So get guessing! Here is what is in the series 13 Treasure Book!
You can only guess once so think carefully and the competition ends 1st of July! You jave to follow to make your guess official. To follow click here,
View her You tube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/RocketTurtleBee
Get Posting!

-JTCPHints Team

Membership Comp Winner!

Hi Penguins,
The winner of the Membership Competition is.....................................................
Danny21359!!! His guess was Black and Orange and he was correct!

Congratulations!! I will email the code to you asap!
Look out for more competitions coming soon!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hey Guys,
Our friend Toffee Fox has her own videos on you tube. She has the latest Club Penguin News, Cheats, Interviews and more! She has only done 1 so far but there are more to come! She has interviewed Taylorjane and you can watch it here: 
It is very good and you should definately visit her channel.
So please rate, comment and Subscribe to her! We would really appreciate that!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

1 Month Membership Competition!

Hey Penguins,
I got these 2 pins today and they are of 2 puffles. If you can guess the 2 puffle colors you will receive 1 Month Free Membership. By the way you have to guess both of the colors correctly to win. You can only enter once. If you guess the colors correctly you will win 1 month membership.
Make sure you give us your penguin name, 2 puffle colors and email address so we can send the code to you! Also you need to follow our blog to activate your entry in the comp.
We will announce winner 23rd of June!
Have fun entering!


Music Jam Party 2011!

Hey guys the Music Jam Party is finally here!
Make sure you check out the cove and get your free hat! You do an awesome move if you dance.

At the iceberg penguin band come once and a while floating on a iceberg thing.

If your a member you can buy something from the store. Make sure you get the backstage pass to get through the VIP areas.

The other stores are at Ski village and Snow Forts but they Have the same stuff.

There is a new pin at the Book Room. It's a stereo!!

At the Dock there is a big stage. If you have the all acess pass you can go backstage and get this free shirt. If you wear the shirt and the hat at the same time you do the Robot if you dance!!!

Also you can but more instruments. And if you click on the word music there is a cheat.

There is a sign at the town and if you click it you can to the dance lounge but it is only for members only. :(

You get a free boom box to break dance with!! It is so cool!

Also look out for the new Penguin Band!! They hang out at Backstage or Night club Rooftop. you can get a signed background off them. Also look out for Cadence. She is usually at the night club, dance lounge and rooftop. Me and Taylorjane66 met her again but we already had her background but it was still cool. Here are some pics.

We finally met Penguin Band but are still tracking. We have made a xat  for PB and Cadence tracker.


If you goto the Ski Village you can go into the casa Fiesta and have a Mexican party!!

Tell us in comments if you have met Cadence or PB?

Hope I helped


Saturday, June 11, 2011

New June/July Furniture Catalog!

Hi Penguins,
Here are the cheats for the new furniture catalog!

1. Click on the Flashing Flare coin for a piano

2.Click on the red button on the single flare for a Guitar Stand, 

3. Click on the Treble clef for a Microphone,

 Click on the middle of the guitar for a Piano Bench,

 Click in the middle of the guitar in the busking case for a Terracotta Vase,

 Click on the Dance mat coin for a Mexican vase,

 Clcik on the guitar of the Dynamic Drums for a Terracotta Pot,

 Click on the left table leg of the party platter for a Band Stage,

 Click on the Glass bit of the laser light for a Terracotta Pitcher,

 Click on the buttons of the Guitar Amp for a Disco Ball,

 Click on the far right light of the concert lights for a tropical palm,

Until next time, Waddle on!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

New June Catalog!

Hi Penguins,
Here is the cheats for the new June catalog,

Thats all for now

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Party at my igloo!

Hi Guys,
I am turning 1000 tomorrow and i am going to have a party!

DATE: Monday 13th June
TIME: 2:30AM PST(Penguin Standard Time)
WHERE: Breeze Tayorjane66 Igloo

Hope you can come and see you there!


New Flag Pins!

Hey guys,
If you haven't noticed in the new catalog there are new flag pins!
Dominican Republic:



Anyways hope i helped


Sunday, June 5, 2011

New Card Jitsu

Hi guys,
So everyone thinks that there are only going to be 3 card Jitsu things. Fire, water, and snow. But have you noticed that in the amulet there is a little gem in the middle. Could this be a new Jitsu?

Here are some sneak peeks

What do you think the new Jitsu could be?
Comment below.

This exclusive is thanks by @MyClubPenguin.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Pin!

Hey guys,
There is a new pin out!
Its a Red Electric Guitar and its at the Hidden Lake

Do you like this pin? Tell us in comments :)
Hope i helped


Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi penguins!
I'm so sorry I didn't come to my party on Monday, but I wasn't allowed on the computer. :(
Thank you to everyone who came and I will hopefully have another party to make it up to y'all.

Herbert pictures!

Hey guys herbert just attacked the Epf so here are some pics.

You have to defeat the dragons! Again!

You get a pin if you defeat the dragons!
Also you get your own Huldra Head for your igloo!
You can get as many as you want!

This is a message from Gary!