Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Upcoming Events On Clubpenguin!

Hey guys here are the upcoming events on clubpenguin!


Monday, May 30, 2011

Message From Rookie!

Hey guys I was just hanging out and finally found out how to crop screen shots and so I got this message from rookie uploaded.

Is it true good herbert really be a good guy now stay tuned and we will see!!!


Friday, May 27, 2011


Hey guys its respup and my sister just graduated from high school so i'm going to try to throw a CLUBPENGUIN PARTY!!!!!!! more info is coming soon stay tuned!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

New Field Op!

Hey guys,
New field op out here is how to get it,
Go to the Hq,
Go to the Field Op screen,
Click “Accept Field Op”,
Now go to the Ski village,
Stand just infront of the flowers at the Everyday Phoning Facility!

Complete the test and your done!
Members can also get Elite Gear, there are all different kinds to get
Hope i helped


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Upcoming Event!

Hey penguins i'm respup1999 a new author for Jaymuk and Taylorjane66. I wanted to tell you guys herbert esquire bear is coming to clubpenguin soon so keep your eyes out and i will be back soon with more info.


Monday, May 23, 2011

Party to get party host stamp

Hi penguins!
I am trying to get the party host stamp and I need your help. I will come to your party's too if you post them on here.
Here are the details:
Where: My Igloo on map
Date: Monday 30th May
Time:7:30 Australian Time, which is 2:30 Club Penguin Time

I hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Quest 3 Walkthrough

Hey guys the Quest 3 walkthrough is here! This is how to complete it!
First you have to play the game where you have to find the gem! I thought was pretty hard!

Then you get to the room where you have to press the button's! This is how to get through it

Now you are at the Dragon room, the picture tell you how to defeate them! You will have to be wearing your Gold Staff and Shield!

Now you can defeat the dragons! This is how to defeate them.
To defeate the Yellow one you will have to stand on the block that is lighting Yellow so you can reflect it back to him!

To Defeate the red one all you have to do is Throw snowballs at him and he will break down! He is easy!

To Defeate the Blue Dragon you will have to throw a snowball at the pot when its over the top of the blue dragons head!

Now once you have done that you will come to the end of the quest where you can egt your Gold Knight Outfit!

You have now completed Quest 3!
Congratulations you have completed all the Quests!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Quest 2 Walkthrough

Hi penguins!
Here is a walkthrough for Quest 2.
1. Go to the cave and walk into quest 2.
2. Put out all the fires by throwing snowballs. (Hint: to throw them quicker, press the 'T' key on the keyboard and then click. You can throw heaps at a time.)

3. After putting out all the fires, a path will appear. Walk to the next room.

4. Next, try to get the key to pass over the lock to unlock the next room.

5. After you pass over the lock, walk to the next room.

6. In this room, you can get a free cardboard horse to wear on your quest.
7. After you obtain this item, walk to the next room.

8. First throw snowballs into the barrel, but not to much as it will overflow.

9. When the green light lights up, click it and it will shoot the dragon. Do this 3 times.

10. After you slay the dragon, walk to the next room.

11. Now you have finished the quest! In this room you can obtain unlimited dragon's gold and a toothbrush pin.

Congrats! Now you can go the next quest, Quest 3.

To see how to complete this quest, look at the post: Quest 3 Walkthrough.

Quest 1 Walkthrough

Hey Guys! Here is the Quest 1 walkthrough:
First you have to light up all the light bulbs by standing on the platforms, then the gate will open,

Then in this room you will have to hit 50 targets and if you dont already have the Target Champion Stamp you will get it once you have completed this task (hint, you can just press the T button instead of clicking the snowball icon. It is faster and therefore better.) You can also get the free item!
Then there is a maze! First you can get the Iron Helmet!
The Directions for the maze is:
Then you get to this place! You can get a free Iron Armour!

You have now completed Quest 1!
Now you can complete Quest 2! Look at the post Quest 2 walkthrough!


Medieval Party is here!

Hey guys, Well the medieval party is finally here!
There are loads of new stuff to do! You can complete the quests, get all the free items and pins and other stuff!
First the new pins
There is a pin at the Boiler Room, its a brazier
For some reason it says undefined, its a bug that they are yet to fix.

And there is a new pin at the stage, its a shell,
Which also says undefined.

Now there is a Members only pin on Quest 2, its a toothbrush

Now for the free stuff! At the Lighthouse there is a free Wizard hat for everyone!
Which also says undefined.

There are alot of free stuff in the quests, which the walkthroughs will be up soon!
There is also a new catalogue in the gift shop
If you click on the puffle on the Red Tabard there is a cheat!
It's a Torc for 200 Coins
The Quest's for the party will be updated soon!
Bye for now!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Field Op!

Hey guys,
New field op out here is how to get it,
Go to the Hq,
Go to the Field Op screen,
Click “Accept Field Op”,
Now go to the plaza,
then go in the secret way to the Cave,
Now stand in the bottom right corner of the pool,
Complete the field op and your done!
hope i helped

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Missing Puffles!!

Hey Guys,
If you havent noticed, all of the puffles are missing!! This has happened before but it is happenging again??

That is weird! Hopefully the bug will be fixed soon because i miss my puffles!! :(
Untill then


Saturday, May 14, 2011

My party!

Hi penguins!
The other day was my party! Here are some pics:

This is my igloo:
It's party time!
Hyperace is the first to arrive:
Jaymunk is next to arrive:Vongxm is here are we are all smiling:
Vongxm is talking to the gnome!Hyperace is telling us jokes:I am singing "Our Song" by Taylor Swift:Jaymunk is singing "Mean" by Taylor Swift:We are watching Hockey:Our thoughts on the food:Party's over!
Overall, the party was awesome!