Friday, September 30, 2011

Field Op #49!

Hey Penguins,
There is a new Field Op and here is how to do it!

Go to the HQ,
Go to the Field Op screen,
Click “Accept Field Op”,
Now go to the Town,
Waddle into the Dance Club,
Then go into the boiler room,
Stand near the filing cabinets like this,

Complete the Test and your done!
If your a member then you can get Elite Gear!
That's all for now, and don't forget to enter our Coin Comp!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Club Penguin Times #310

Hey Guys,
Another Issue of Club Penguin Times is out!
Rockhopper driving at the Stadium

Plans for Puffles?

Upcoming Events!
New Prizes-Now
Penguin Style-Oct. 6
Better Igloos-Oct. 13


Weird Glitch!

Hey Guys,
When Taylorjane and I logged onto Club Penguin, this weird Glitch happened!
It says that Taylorjane66 is Offline when she is actually right next to me!

It also happened on her account too,

Do you think its a bug or just a glitch?
Dont Forget to enter our Comp! :)


New Prizes!!!

Hi Penguins!
The new prizes are here and they are awesome! Here are the prizes everyone can get:
And of course the member prizes:
So get your tickets and buy the new prizes!!

Club Penguin Times #309

Hi Penguins!
So the Fair is on now on Club Penguin and here is what the Club Penguin Times has to say about it:
So don't forget to get your prizes from the prize booth. Also if you weren't sure, the prize booth in the forest is for all penguins so if you're a non-member try to get all these awesome prizes before the Fair is over!
The next picture has some tagets to scroll over so I'll tell you what each of them say:
Target 1: Hungry? Compete in the all-you-can-eat contest at the Pizza Parlor.
Target 2: Speed to the Stadium for bumber car action!
Target 3: Play games to earn Fair Tickets at the Dock.
Target 4: Trade in tickets at the prize booth in the Forest.
Target 5: Feed famished farm friends at the Beach.

Also the upcoming events:
And of course the secrets:
Have fun at the Fair and don't forget to enter our coin comp!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Coin Comp!

Hey guys,
Here is another Coin Comp! Series 13!! All you gotta do is tell us Why you like Club Penguin in the comments and we will choose someone we think deserves it. You also have to put your email address so we can email the code to you. You have to Follow our blog to enter also. Follow here. Look at the Series 13 Treasure Book here.
Get Posting!! It will end on the 10th of October so be quick!

-JTCP Hints Crew

Spin to Win Cheat!

Hey Guys here is a awesome cheat for you,

Play Spin to win
Now after you have played it DONT press Done. instead press tab until there is a yellow bow around end game.

Then hold down Enter, you should hear a noise.
Now when you want to stop press Done
When your back on club penguin look how many tickets you have!

Have Fun!


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fair has Arrived!

The Fair has finally arrived!
You can play all the games, They are at the Forest,


And more games at Snow Forts,

Get your tickets for the Prizes!

Here is a cheat witch is for the members only store,

Go to the stadium for Bumper Cars,

New Pins at Dojo

and Coffee Shop,

Get the background at the Ski Village, Just click on the camera to get the background,
Go See the Puffle Circus! Sorry Members Only :(
More info Soon!


Monday, September 19, 2011

Fairy Fables

Hi Penguins!
The new play at The Stage is called Fairy Fables. It's the story of Prince RedHood, The Big Bad Wool, Grumpunzel and it is told by Twee the fairy. Fairy Fables is a winner of a Penguin Play award so it must be good!
Here is the costumes you can get and there is one cheat:


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Club Penguin Times #308

Hey Guys,
The Fair is coming soon!!! I cant wait for it to come! It looks so fun!
The Game construction has started

New prizes, I wonder what they will be.
Brown Puffle performing at Puffle Circus?

Upcoming Events

The Fair arrives at September 22
Member Prize Booth September 29

And Make sure you get the pin at the forest before its too late!

I always love reading the secrets

Also did you see the new login screen. You can see a penguin holding a couple of items. Do you think they will be prizes for the fair?
Rockhopper is visible through the telescope!!

Make sure you look put for him while he is here.
Well that's all for now and Waddle On!!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Free Hoodies!

Hi penguins!
Did you know you can get two free hoodies on Club Penguin?
Just follow these steps for two free hoodies.
1. Log onto your penguin.
2. On the server page click Unlock Free Items.
3. Click I have a code.
4. Code 1: d23exp11
5. Receive first hoodie.
6. Click I have another code.
7. Code 2: freehood.
8. Receive second hoodie.

There you go! Simple huh! Here is a picture of the hoodies:


September Clothing Catalog!

Hi penguins!
Here are the cheats for the September Clothing Catalog:

Thanks penguins! Stay tuned for more info!