Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey Guys,
There are 2 free codes for you to unlock!



Monday, April 9, 2012

Free Code!

Hey Guys!
Club Penguin released a new video Dubstep Puffle! Also they give aaway a free code for everyone to use! Just go to the Treasure book in the Gift Shop, And click i've got a code or click the coin in the servers page. Now type in HPHONES1 like this

And you'll receive a free item for your puffle! Headphones!

I think its awesome for non-members to get a free item for their puffle!
Hope i helped! :)


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt!

Hey Guys!
There is an Easter Egg hunt and here are the cheats. ;)

First Egg is at The Hidden Lake

 Next is at the Book room

At the beach :)

At the Mine

At the Cove

In the Gift Shop!

At Ski Village

Last is at the Beacon!
Now claim your prize and you completed the hunt!
Hope i helped!


New Pin!

Hey Guys!
There is a new pin and its an Easter Basket!
Its at the forest.

This is what it looks like on your player card!

Hope i helped!


April Penguin Style

Hi Penguins!
Here's what's in the new clothing catalog:


New Field Op!

Hey Guys!
There is anther new field op and this is how to do it!
Click your spy phone and Accept Field Op,
Now waddle to the Dance lounge!
Now stand where the broken machine is!

Now complete the test and you done!
The more field ops you do, the more Elite Gear you can get if your a member! :)
Hope i helped!