Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey Guys,
I was reading the newspaper today and i seen where it says this
Do you think you will be able to wear hair while you play the guitar or drums? I sure hope so!
Also what do you think this means?
Will there be hair for non members too?
What do you think?


Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Green and Black Puffle Pins!

Hey guys there are new puffle pins out now!
The Green one is at the Dojo!

and the Black one is at the recycling plant near the mine!

Hope i helped


Saturday, February 19, 2011


Hey everyone!! Today on Server Creaming Soda we met cadence!! Here is a pic of us meeting her!

Hope you meet her!! :D

-Taylorjane66 & Jaymunk

Puffle Party

Hi Penguins!
The Puffle Party is here! Club Penguin has been decorated with balloons, streamers and more. They buildings at different too. Some are like giant scratching posts! Also there is a new stamp called 'Party Puffle'. Anyone can get this stamp if they have a Puffle. All you have to do is walk your Puffle in their party room. It's simple.

Ok so what's new? Lets start at the Town. The Town has been decorated as the building have changed. The Night Club is the Purple Puffle Party Room. There are purple lights, balloons, steamers and of course Puffles. The Dance Lounge is the Brown Puffle Party Room. It is like a cool restaurant and there is an elevator. This elevator takes to to the Night Club Roof Top. It can only be accessed by members and it is AWESOME!!! There are speakers, puffles and lights everywhere. People crowd up there because of 1 reason. Cadence. People believe that Cadence will come to the Roof Top at different times and on different servers. See if you can find her!

Ok now to the Snow Forts. In stead of 2 forts, there are 10. One for each Puffle. There is also a Puffle Feeding Area where you have to throw O Berries into the Puffle's mouths. Next Stop the Plaza. Here you can get a FREE Blue Puffle Hat. If you go into the Pet Shop, you will see Puffles dancing around and lights and balloons. If you walk your Puffle in there the Pet Shop will be decorated with that colour Puffle decorations.

Onto the Forest. This is the Blue Puffle's Party Room. It is a giant ball pit. It's really cool. The Cove of course it the Red Puffle's Party Room. It is decorated with a Pirate Ship, surf boards and more. The Mine is the Party Room for the White Puffles. It is an ice rink. The Cave has been turned into a skate park for the Black Puffles. The Iceberg is the Party Room for the Pink Puffles. I have a pink trampoline and a pink skipping rope.

The Dock is a giant, fuzzy castle. It is really cool. The Beach has a big sand castle, Puffles hanging out and... Box Dimension. This is the Orange Puffle's Party Room. It has Orange Puffles all over boxes. Also, you can complete the Field Op there. The Light House is the Yellow Puffle's Party room. It is art themed. there is a play on the stage and a Yellow Puffle will paint your picture. The Beacon is the Green Puffle's Party Room. There are Green Puffles, Flying, Juggling and just having fun.

The Ski Village is decorated with fuzzy building too. Plus the Puffle Show is available for members. If you go inside, you can get a Rainbow Puffle Jacket. Your Puffles can compete in events, be judges or have a hair cut. Overall, I think the Puffle Party is a big success as it is awesome! So have fun, walk you Puffles and enjoy the Puffle Party!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Field op!

Hey Guys,

There is a new field op and here is how to get there!Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,
Then go to Box dimension!
Stand here:
And your Spy phone should turn green!
Then complete the test!
Hope i helped,


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puffle Party!

 Hey guys there will be a puffle party on the 18th, there are mysterious boxes around Club Penguin world.

They are in the:

Dance Club (Purple Puffle)

Dance Lounge (Brown Puffle)

Cave (Black Puffle)

Mine (White Puffle)

Forest (BluePuffle)

Ligthouse (Yellow Puffle)

Beacon (Green Puffle)

Iceberg (Pink Puffle)

Box Dimension (Orange Puffle)

What do you think these are? Are they for the party? I wonder why there is no Red box?
Tell us what you think

The Penguins That Time Forgot.

Hi penguins!
The play at the stage will be coming to an end soon so head down to the stage to buy the costumes before it closes. This play is about a time travelling penguin who goes back in time a meets some cave penguins.
So head down to the stage before this play is over if you which to act it out with some friends or to get the stamp for using the switch box. To get this stamp all you have to do is press every button on the switch box.
 Stay tuned for the next play "Haunting Of The Viking Opera" coming Feb. 24.

New Furniture Catalog!

Hi penguins!
There is a new furniture catalog with Puffle-themed items. There are a few cheats. Here they are:
1. Red Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter P from the word pictures.

2. Blue Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter I from the word pictures.
3. Black Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter C from the word pictures.

4. Purple Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter T from the word pictures.
5. Pink Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter U from the word pictures.

6. White Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter R
from the word pictures.

7. Yellow Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter E from the word pictures.

8. Green Puffle Poster $75- click on the letter S from the word pictures.

And also from the igloo upgrades here are some cheats you may or may not know.
1. Pumpkin Igloo $2700- click on the lights of the roof of the Dojo igloo.

2. Bamboo Hut $3200- click on the word FISH.

3. Pink Ice Palace $4900- click on the doors of the Ice Castle.

4. Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo $5000- click on the door of the Deluxe Stone Igloo.
5. Secret Stone Igloo $2000- click on the broken piece on wood above the words FLOOR REMOVAL 

That's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

Friday, February 11, 2011


hi guys look what i made for jay and taylor its signiters this is jaymunks and heres taylorjanes sigoh and i made a new one for me lookkk byyyyy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February Clothing Catalog

Hi penguins!
Well, as C Boy mentioned, this months catalog is really cool. What we want to know is:
1. Do you agree that this catalog is the best so far
2. What is your favourite item in the catalog and why.

New Field Op!

Hey guys,

There is a new field op and here is how to get there!Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility,
If your an EPF agent then go through to HQ, if your not then complete the test to go through.
Then go to the screen to accept field op,

Stand On the Aqua Grabber vechicle and wait till your phone turns green,

Go to town,

Than go into the Night Club,

Walk near the game DJ3K and your phone should turn green!

Hope i helped,


Friday, February 4, 2011

New Clothing catalogue!

ok this is going to be a long postits the penguin style catalog for feb 11 just the puffle pages and stuff and a cheat. Ok now the front page
Page 1
there are some pritty rare items on this page here they are
Ok now page 2
thats a pretty cool page, now page 3

Ok thats another pretty good page, now page 4
now page 5
ok sorry 2 more things and if ive havent posted somthing i will post it, ok now the last page
Ok now 2 more

And this comes up
WOW that was a long post and im done,ok byyyyyyyyyyye

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


new pin here it is.
and here is the tracker for it ok byyyyy oh and like my cp sig