Thursday, January 5, 2012


Hey guys,
The Coins For Change results are out! You can see them at the Beach! Just click the sign!

This Year we gave 10.8 BILLION COINS!!! Thats like:
900 Million Sled races- The average racer earns 12 virtual coins per Sled Racing game!
27 Milion Penguin Wigs- The average wig costs 399 virtual coins!
13.5 Million Puffles- The average Puffle costs 800 virtual coins!
45 Million Catching waves- The average surfer earns 238 virtual coins per Catchin' Waves game!
135 Million Dance Contests- The average dancer earns 80 virtual coins per Dance Contest game!
$640,000 will provide medical help! (hospitals, health clinics, clean water projects and more)

$740,000 will help The Environment! (endangered animals, natural habitats and more)

$620,000 will provide Safe Places! (schools, shelters, playgrounds and more)
Great Job Guys!!! We can change the world! ;)
Next year we will donate even more!


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