Thursday, October 20, 2011

Candy Ghosts Cheats!

Hey guys,
Here are the cheats for the candy Ghosts hunt! you have to find piles of candy and click on them for Ghosts to come out!
First, Go to the Cove,

 Then go outside of the Haunted House to find a Green Ghost!

Make your way to a Wooden Shack,

 Another ghost outside the Community Centre,

 Find a popular spot for Tour Guides,

 That could only mean one place, the Ski Village! Another Green ghost outside the Costume show!

 Seek out a Snowy Slope,

 Now waddle over to the Ski Hill and you find another blue ghost!

Wander out into the Woods,

 Go to the forest to find another Pink Ghost!

Look toward a tower of Light!

 Go to the beach to find a Yeow Ghost!

 Last one, Be on the Lookout for a boat!

 Waddle to the Dock to find the last Ghost!

 Now you can claim your prize!

 And receive a Candy Ghost Background!

That's the Cheats for the Candy Ghost Hunt!


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