Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sep/Oct Furniture Catalog!

Hey Penguins,
Sorry for the late update on your latest catalog!

Here are the cheats.(Some images have been enlarged due to colors/colours)

Number one!: Click on the Food Stand Sign for a Stainless Steel Stove(as shown below)

Number two!: Click on the Window next to Rockhopper for a Feeding Bucket(as shown below)

Number three!: Click on the plant on the Boss desk for a Computer Desk!(as shown below)

Number four!: Click the third door of Lockers for a Classroom Chair(as shown below)

Number five!: Click on the yellow section of the Slushie maker for a HD TV(as shown below)

6: Click 3 on the Winner's Podium for a Sloped Wall(as shown below)

7:Click on the penguin trophy on the Trophy Shelf for a Snow Wall!(as shown below)

8: Item: Vert Ramp

9:Item: Green Bench

10: Click on the treble clef for a Microphone (as shown below)

11:Click on the blue guitar for a Piano Bench(as shown below)

12: Click on the drums for a Terracotta Pot(as shown below)

13:Click on the Laser Lights for a Terracotta Pitcher(as shown below)

14:Click on the swtiches of the Guitar Amp for a Disco Ball(as shown below)

This concludes our cheats for the Sep/Oct Furniture Catalog!
Did you like the hidden items? Comment below!


  1. I really like the TV so I can put it in my igloo and watch TV with my friends!

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